OF ELIM

Archbishop Eugene James Blount is the senior pastor of The Elim International Fellowship, The Protestant Cathedral in Brooklyn, New York. He is also the Chief Prelate over the International Fellowship of Reformed Episcopal Churches Worldwide, Inc. and Senior Pastor and Founder of The Wall Street International Fellowship in New York, NY.


As a young boy, Archbishop Blount began to experience the early stirrings of what would later become his Prophetic mantle. At 10 years of age he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. By his teenage years, the voice of the Lord had become a familiar and constant companion as the cry ‘holy’, ‘holiness unto the Lord’ resounded in his ear. A mark of distinction was placed upon his life forever and Archbishop Blount began to wholly follow the Lord.


In 1990 Archbishop Blount joined The Elim International Fellowship and his life was revolutionized. He developed a deep love of the scriptures and a thorough understanding of the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of men. More importantly, he learned to think biblically under the tutelage of his mentor and teacher, Archbishop Wilbert S. McKinley, the Founding Father of The Elim International Fellowship. His dedication and devotion to the work of the ministry led him to emerge through the ranks as Deacon, Elder, Pastor, and Provost.


Archbishop Eugene James Blount was elevated to the highest Episcopal office on October 19, 2008. As Archbishop, seated upon his cathedra, he resides as the chief prelate and overseer of a large group of churches both locally and abroad.


Archbishop Blount is a man of faith and prayer. He spends time praying and seeking the face of God. As the chief prophet of the house, he prophesies the word of the Lord under a heavy and unusual anointing.


Archbishop’s vision is to impact the lives of men and women for Jesus Christ across this city, this nation and the world.