The Elim International Fellowship was established by Bishop Wilbert S. McKinley on July 26th, 1964 at 9 Chauncey Street in Brooklyn, New York. Today it is a metropolitan church with Bishop Wilbert S. McKinley at its helm. A church reformed in its theology and doctrine, with a vibrant charismatic expression, which offers universal appeal to worshipers of varied cultural, ethnic, socio-economic and educational strata. 

We believe that God has ordained this church to be a meta church, leading thousands of people to saving knowledge of Jesus Christ; nurturing and developing our children and young people in the scriptures, and leading them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, so that they will become models of the abundant life, described in scriptures.

The Elim International Fellowship, as it's name symbolizes, is a place of refreshing (Exodus 15:27). It is a place where those who have been disillusioned by life and the church, can come and receive a second chance to live the abundant Christian life through a clear and thorough understanding of what God's word declares for their lives. 

The Elim International Fellowship is a non-denominational church subscribing to the Reformed Pentecostal theological position. "Reformed" because all of its beliefs and doctrinal positions are taken directly from the scriptures and its certitude that the scriptures are the infallible word of God. "Pentecostal" because we have experienced the infilling of the Holy Spirit as it is recorded in Acts 2:4. The Elim is a full gospel church with a powerful pulpit. it is a church flowing in worship and praise and in the manifestations of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.